The Skift needs your support

Skift is in the midst of the pandemic while also providing full coverage.

The publication writes, “Our team of journalists and analysts are doing the best work of their lifetimes at a time when information is needed the most in the sector, we have dedicated the last decade of our business to.

“Our reporters are writing original stories, analysis, and opinion you won’t find anywhere else.”

The publication further goes on to thank its readers who have offered to help in these troubled times.

Skift further adds, “As a small business that employees about 60 full-time employees — and until last week many freelancers around the world — our business is hit because travel is hit, and because our partners across the industry are hit. Our events business, which is 40 percent of our revenues, is as impacted as is anyone else’s in the events world.”

Readers can contribute at or you may contact Rafat Ali, founder and CEO of Skift directly at [email protected].