Shuler retiring from KQED after covering Silicon Valley for 30 years

Peter Jon Shuler

Peter Jon Shuler is retiring from KQED after covering Silicon Valley for the past 30 years.

Dan Brekke of KQED writes, “That blind leap into Silicon Valley led in July 1990 to a full-time position at KQED, one for which he was required to move south from San Francisco. It was a job that gave Peter a front-row seat to the ascendancy of the internet and World Wide Web and development of many of the technologies that shape our daily lives today.

“What he saw then wasn’t pretty. A five-part series he reported in 1993 was prescient in understanding how technology that was superficially friendly was in fact creating a web that would bind us ever more tightly to work.

“‘The danger is that we will allow the anytime, anyplace office to become the every time, everyplace office,’ Stanford futurist Paul Saffo said in one of the 1993 stories.”

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