How to Choose Quality Natural stone

Indonesia is known as an archipelagic country. Indonesia’s land area consists of mostly oceans and is bordered by large mountains. This abundant natural resource is utilized by most of the Indonesian population as a livelihood.

Natural stone is one of the materials that is widely used by the community as a building material, especially for the finishing process. The natural impression and decorative appearance are one of the reasons natural stone has become so popular. The diversity of types and methods of installation that are able to produce various patterns and appearances make natural stone seem to be a mandatory element in the construction of a house, ranging from gardens, fences, and even bathrooms.

However, not all parts of the house can use this natural stone material. Rooms that are easily exposed to dirt such as the kitchen or garage should avoid using natural stone because of the character of natural stone which will be difficult to clean when exposed to dirt such as oil or oil splashes.

Advantages of natural limestone

– Impress natural, elegant, and luxurious
– Not easily damaged if installed on the floor
– If something breaks, the natural stone floor won’t look bad
– The size is flexible, can be adjusted to the needs
– The house can be more colorful
– The selling price of the house will be much more expensive

The natural resources of the mountains which become the barrier between islands also provide benefits for the Indonesian people in general and limestone entrepreneurs in particular.

Origin of Limestone

The number of mountains in Indonesia makes Indonesia rich in various types of natural stones. Among them is limestone from the Bali area. Balinese Limestone for Interior Cladding Every natural stone in each archipelago has different mineral content, resulting in different colors, strengths, and rock types.
According to data from natural stone entrepreneurs in Indonesia, the types of natural stone in Indonesia reach hundreds of types, but natural stone that penetrates the market in Indonesia consists of only tens of kinds, because not all types of natural stone can be accepted by the market.

Limestone Distribution

The number of obstacles in the distribution of rock raw materials to factories is also an obstacle for some types of natural stone cannot last long in the market, there are several Bali Natural Stone Supplier who experience problems because distribution cannot meet market demand in large or large quantities (Procurement is often stopped at in the middle of the project development process).

Obstacles in distribution can be caused by mining permits, landslides in the mountains, roads damaged by rain, unsupported transportation, heavy equipment that is difficult to reach the location.

Actually there are many choices of materials that you can use for coating the surface of the walls of the house. Starting from the combination of cement with paint, wallpaper, ceramics, to natural stone. Here we will discuss about natural stone that maybe you can use as a house wall to make the residential atmosphere more natural. Producers of Cheapest Balinese Natural Stone Walls for Quality Fences Of course the price of natural stone is quite expensive if we compare it to ceramics or wallpaper, but walls made of natural stone can add to the selling value of the house, and can also be part of an investment.

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