Biz journalist Gilman starts Newsweek column “On the Street”

Hank Gilman

Longtime business journalist Hank Gilman, who is currently editorial director of Newsweek, has started writing a business column for the publication.

The column is called “On the Street,” and it runs on Mondays.

“Basically, its a business/economics column with my takes on three or four topics a week,” said Gilman in an email. “It’s in the spirit of a few things I’ve done over the years. Back in my Boston Globe days I wrote a weekly news roundup for the business section called “Scorecard.” It was supposed to be light and cheeky but I don’t know if it worked out that way. Then while at Fortune, I helped launch “Street Life” with the great Andy Serwer who is now the editor of Yahoo Finance. The idea was to cover business like sports and he pulled it off. So I’m kinda stealing a little from both.”

Previously, Gilman spent eight years as deputy editor of Fortune magazine. Earlier in his career, he worked as a senior editor at Newsweek and a reporter at the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal.

He is also the author of the Portfolio/Penguin book, “You Can’t Fire Everyone,” and co-founder of the editorial content firm High Water Press LLC.

Gilman received The Minard Editor Award from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and the Gerald Loeb Foundation in 2011.