Abelson was a fearless Barron’s editor

Alan Abelson

Kate Welling of Barron’s profiles former editor in chief Alan Abelson, who was feared by inventory hucksters.

Welling studies, “Up & Down Wall Avenue was an unqualified hit from its first look in January 1966. Alan’s deft evaluation of what made shares tick—and his stiletto dissection of hype—attracted legions of latest subscribers to Barron’s. Studying his columns grew to become a sacred Saturday-morning ritual for Barron’s subscribers. Former colleague Rhonda Brammer maybe finest described what Alan referred to as his ‘scribblings’ when she wrote, ‘Biting and sensible, his columns blended borscht-belt humor and Shakespearean allusions with zingers from Twain, Mencken, and Wilde—although Alan’s personal one-liners typically trumped all of them.’

“But Alan by no means used his appreciable literary firepower haphazardly or merely to preen. A quintessential newsman (or, as he most well-liked, ‘ink-stained wretch’), Alan was blessed with razor-sharp journalistic instincts, congenital skepticism, a Renaissance mind, and a preternatural felicity with the mom tongue, which despatched many readers of his column to dictionaries as they learn. However Alan was additionally gifted with a uncommon capability to truly pay attention—an ingrained empathy for others, particularly the proverbial little man, down-on-their-luck freelancers, and writers struggling deadline paralysis.

“Alan’s mission in his column was fairly particular, and, as Barron’s editor, he strove to inculcate it into the very material of the journal—first slowly, throughout his tenure as managing editor, from 1965 to 1981, after which full-throttle throughout his dozen years of editorship. Alan not solely shepherded his writers via market-shaking exposés but in addition wrought enormous adjustments in Barron’s tone, contents, and look. He added artwork and blessed white area, whereas filling the ‘information gap’ with exhaustive investigative items, topical monetary evaluation, and in-depth interviews.”

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Abelson was a fearless Barron’s editor