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The main goal of creating community for peace is to mobilize for peace and conflict resolution through music and arts industry. Israel is facing a lot of problems and the organization strives to bring an end to these issues by partnering with artists and musicians. Among the agendas of the organization it wants to fight for freedom for music and arts and to advocate for peace through music popularity. Music is one of the most popular and influential entertainment industry which could be used to advocate for peace and harmony in different places. Musicians are quite influential and have huge numbers of followers who would follow in their footsteps in the realization of peace.

Israel has been facing problems such as boycotts, divestments, and sanctions which create a bad image for the citizens. Through music and arts people find a common ground that does not regard the background or origin of the people when connected. The organization encourages artists and musicians to visit Israel and experience first hand the issues it faces and take action to help the place become better. Some of the things said about the place are not true and if the influential figures visited the country they could help in creating a positive image for the country. The creative community for peace is a movement that has been in operation for quite some time and intends to improve the quality of life for Israel citizens.

The campaign is carried out through various ways such as meetings with artists and important figures who then educate their fellow artists. After the entities are educated they also educate their friends and other artists and encourage for action to be taken. Through the artists and musicians the general public can also be educated to take action against the sanctions and other problems. Television and online media has a wide reach and as such the organization utilizes the platform to advocate for peace in Israel. Lots of people especially Jews have been helped by the creative community for peace when they encounter problems in different countries.

It is up to each and every one of us to ensure that others are not being oppressed and this can be done by joining the movement for peace. The fight begins by taking the responsibility to make other people know of what the country is going through and protesting against those oppressing them. People can also give donations to the creative community for peace so that they can use the funds to help those in need. Donations are utilized to make life better for the citizens through building schools and educating people about the various issues such as poverty, infections and the need for peace.

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