Day: February 9, 2021

Building an IP strategy: IP as investment

How to position your startup so that the IP you develop becomes an investment, not a cost. By Joshua Van Hoven, Counsel and Peter Hale, Partner, at Haley Giuliano

As an early stage company, you may be a disruptor or seek to advance a key technology in which your team has particular expertise. No matter the driver, even the most idealistic startups fail to achieve their goals if they do not position themselves for investment funding of some kind. Those investments are typically based on the potential financial return of a subsequent acquisition or public offering.

At each stage of the investment cycle, your investors and business partners will scrutinise your people, technology and operations. A robust intellectual property (IP) programme will ensure that the efforts of your people are owned by your company, that your technology is safe from theft or copying and that your operations (such as branding,

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Covid testing expanded to more workplaces with over 50 employees

Workplace Covid testing is being offered to more companies in England, for staff who cannot work from home during lockdown, the government says.

Businesses with more than 50 employees are now able to access lateral flow tests, which can produce results in less than 30 minutes.

Previously only firms with more than 250 staff qualified for testing.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock urged businesses and employees to take up the offer to “stop this virus spreading”.

“When you consider that around one in three people have the virus without symptoms and could potentially infect people without even knowing it, it becomes clear why focusing testing on those without symptoms is so essential,” he said, adding that firms should regularly test staff.

The government said the wider criteria would “hugely” increase the number of different businesses that are able to sign up, with small and medium sized companies now able to take

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