Day: January 12, 2021

Vizcaino moves to emerging markets team at Bloomberg

Maria Elena Vizcaino

Bloomberg News reporter Maria Elena Vizcaino has moved to the emerging markets team.

She will be covering Latin American fixed income markets, including government financing.

Vizcaino has been with Bloomberg since September 2019, first as an intern on the municipal finance team. She has also been a reporter on the mining and metals team.

She also interned at the Orlando Sentinel and the Dallas Morning News. Vizcaino is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Save logistics, spend and the environment this Christmas

Christmas 2020 is set to be one of the most unique festive periods on record. With the likelihood of people being able to mix with all their friends and family low, the chances of an increase in online deliveries are high. If your SME centres around e-commerce, read on to make simple changes that won’t cost the earth, literally.

It’s amazing to hear that people are still spending online, it boots trade right when we need it the most. But what are the side-effects of this?

Right first time

A report by Netdespatch in 2019 showed that costs associated with failed deliveries in the parcel industry sat at £1.6 billion. To put things into context when it comes to the environment, figures showed that in the same year, online retail giant Amazon emitted as much carbon dioxide as a small country. This fact is alarming when coupled together with the

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