Day: January 10, 2021

We could save £6bn chasing Covid loans, claim debt collectors

Taxpayers may recover an extra £6 billion in repayments from emergency Covid-19 support loans if the government uses debt collection bodies to work closely with borrowers over several years, an industry report says.

The Treasury should pay £30 million to fund numerous engagements with small businesses to see if they can repay their coronavirus support loan or agree a repayment plan, the Credit Services Association (CSA), a trade body for debt collectors, has said. A policy of getting in touch frequently, as opposed to minimal contact and then taking non-paying borrowers to court, could yield an extra £3 billion to £6 billion, the CSA adds in the report.

Banks are in discussions with debt collection agencies about recovering bounce back loans, which are 100 per cent backed by the government. So far £43.5 billion has been extended to 1.4 million small businesses. The loans, worth up to £50,000 each, were

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WBBM Newsradio biz editor Walter is retiring

Len Walter

Len Walter, the business editor of WBBM Newsradio in Chicago, is retiring later this month.

A story on its website states, “Since 1982, Walter has been the all-news station’s business and financial editor. He made history by becoming the first journalist to broadcast regularly from what we now know as the Chicago Stock Exchange.

“After decades on the air and countless awards for excellence, Len has decided to retire. He’d like to spend more time with his wife, Barbara; his children; grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“‘Len Walter has been synonymous with Chicago business,’ WBBM Newsradio Brand Manager and News Director said in an email to staff Friday. ‘We will miss his authoritative voice, his business acumen, and his love of radio reporting.’

“Walter’s last broadcast will be on Jan. 22.”

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Beware of task management systems turning in you into a micro manager

As a leader looking to inspire via digital means in 2021, don’t fall foul of the task list negative management style trap. Instead read this and remember how to manage task lists effectively to boost morale in your team culture, not sever it.

Picture the scene, it’s Friday six months into 2020 and your team is totally displaced. They’re working from home, all within a one hour radius of you and yet as the founder and boss you’ve never felt so disconnected.

You begin to panic. Is enough being done? How without your watchful eye and without the line manger’s underneath you collating the work and pushing it through can it possibly be done? You start to panic. So you send a negative email around to your work force saying that whilst the mini tasks on the task management software seem to be getting ticked off you just don’t ‘feel’

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