Day: November 3, 2020

Four tips to enable you to be fully client-fit for 2021

Everyone knows it’s more important than ever to keep building your business during these tough times. What’s absolutely crucial to doing this is ensuring you stay relevant to your existing client base. 

I speak to David Das and David Armes, global sales trainers and authors of The Me Agenda: Unleash the Simple Human Truth of Selling, to focus in on four vital things to do right now to help maximise your chances of having a successful 2021. This is what they advise …

One: Check your offer

Just as you may have needed to change some things in your business, so have your clients. Clients are in a period of organisational re-design. Maybe they now need something different from their suppliers to match their new needs.

What should suppliers do?

The thing to do first of all is to ask your clients what’s different and therefore what their new

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Treasury extends UK emergency business loan schemes

The Treasury is extending its emergency business loan scheme and will allow firms to “top up” their borrowing as part of new rules meant to keep businesses afloat during England’s second lockdown.

UK firms will now have until the end of January to apply for emergency business loans, including bounce back loans (BBLS), coronavirus business interruption loans (CBILS) and the CLBILS scheme for larger firms. That is two months longer than the existing 30 November deadline. The extension also applies to the Future Fund, aimed at UK startups.

“To help more businesses access additional support, deadlines for applications to our government-backed loan scheme and the Future Fund have been further extended until 31 January 2021,” the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, said on Twitter.

Small businesses that already received funds through the 100% government-backed BBLS programme – which offers firms cheap loans worth up to £50,000 – will also be able to

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Washington Post CIO Prakash talks maintaining innovation and running of departments

The Washington Post chief information officer Shailesh Prakash talked with Business Insider’s Joe Williams about the Post’s investment in engineering and building a 300-person staff that helps drive innovation and experimentation across departments.

With the upcoming election, Prakash shares how his team is supporting the newsroom and keeping the Post updated and running for its readers.

From the story:

Now, the cohort is doing significantly more work on the back-end to make sure the website is fool-proof on a night when millions of Americans will be constantly refreshing websites like the Post’s to get second-by-second updates on the results. And it’s not just the homepage: It’s also the systems that support the mobile applications, video streams, social feeds, and more. The resiliency efforts are one area that Prakash draws from his experience helping Bezos with Blue Origin, namely creating an “escape pod” of sorts for when things go haywire.


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