Day: November 2, 2020

Don’t sell the solution, sell the positive outcomes:  Three things you need to do

One of the biggest misconceptions of B2B selling is that customers invest in new products and services purely to overcome strategic or operational challenges.

Yes these things will have played their part in initiating the enquiry stage of the buying cycle, the market research and supplier evaluation, but they are not why budgets are approved and investments are made.

The only reason organisations gain budget approval and invest in products and services, is to achieve a positive outcome in one, two or all three of these scenarios,

  • To increase profitability by creating a competitive advantage
  • To reduce cost by becoming more operationally efficient
  • To protect or enhance reputation and/or brand.

It’s also the case that without being able to identify and explain how these positive outcomes will be achieved, budgetary approval for any organisation’s investment plans are unlikely to be approved

Whilst all of this might appear to be obvious,

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Ryanair will not provide refunds for November flights

Ryanair customers will not be refunded for flights in November, according to its boss, despite the UK government banning all but essential travel.

Michael O’Leary said if a flight was operating, passengers would not get their money back but they could change to a later flight without paying a fee.

From Thursday, all but essential travel will be banned under a second lockdown.

Ryanair said the first lockdown and subsequent restrictions resulted in an 80% drop in passenger numbers.

It said 17.1 million people travelled on the airline in the six months to September, compared with 85.7 million last year.

The carrier reported a €196.5m (£174m) loss for the period compared with a €1.15bn profit last year.

But it warned the situation was likely to worsen, saying it “will continue to be a hugely challenging year for Ryanair”.

The new lockdown measures for England to stop the spread

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