Day: August 2, 2020

In a mental rut with your business? Let’s sort that out right now …

Learn to recognise when your negative thoughts are holding you in a mental rut and instead move forwards with success

Vicky Stanton worked in both the private and public sectors in HR finishing her corporate career in the police service after many years. Knowing full well that HR were mostly called in to deal with the negative issues when they arise she wanted instead to empower people within their roles as business leaders and unblock the issues that she’d been privy to over the years. By asking the right questions she helps business owners become unstuck from the problems that bind them and instead move forwards confidently. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed recently read on, one of these golden nuggets of advice might just be your meal ticket to getting going again …

Why do we get stuck or in a mental rut with our businesses?

One of the biggest

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Apple demands 50% rent cuts from landlords for UK stores

Apple is pushing for huge rent reductions across its UK stores despite its sales soaring to new heights during the lockdown.

The tech giant has told landlords of a portion of its 38-store estate in the UK that it wants rents slashed by up to 50% and a rent-free period. In return, it has offered to extend leases by a few years.

The tough tactics have caused consternation among property owners. Despite all its stores being forced to close as the pandemic swept around the world, Apple reported last week that second-quarter sales jumped by 11% to a record $59.7bn (£45.6bn). The iPhone-maker posted a profit of $55.3bn last year.

Apple is seeking to bring its rents into line with other retailers, many of which are benefiting from cut-price deals as landlords struggle to keep their shopping centres occupied.

Last year, Apple UK posted sales of nearly £1.4bn and profits

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Washington Post’s Fifield leaving for The Dominion Post

Anna Fifield

Anna Fifield will be joining The Dominion Post and Stuff’s Wellington newsroom as editor. Currently, she is the Beijing bureau chief for The Washington Post.

Her new role begins in October.

Stuff editorial director Mark Stevens said:

“Anna has a wonderful reputation; is an amazing journalist and we’re thrilled she’ll be leading our Wellington newsroom during these exciting times for our business.”

Fifield began her journalism career with the Rotorua Daily Post and the New Zealand Press Association.

She was also foreign correspondent for The Washington Post and Financial Times where she covered major stories including North Korea’s first nuclear test. She was also Tokyo bureau chief for the Post.

Additionally, she was also a Nieman journalism fellow at Harvard University and in 2018 won Stanford University’s Shorenstein Prize for excellence in reporting on Asia.

Fifield’s debut book, The Great Successor: The Secret Rise and Rule of Kim

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