Day: July 31, 2020

Are businesses leaving the front door open for cyber criminals?

Andy Barratt, UK managing director of cyber security consultancy Coalfire, highlights some of the ways hackers are using Covid-19 to target businesses and how firms can protect themselves and their employees online during the crisis.

A crime of opportunity is a crime with little or no premeditation. It is committed without prior planning in the moment when the perpetrator sees a chance to act. A convenience store that staff forgot to lock up after closing, a ground floor window left open in an empty home.

Online, Covid-19 has created a plethora of open windows and unlocked doors for cyber criminals, even if sliding through them requires slightly more planning than the real-world examples mentioned above.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) launched a new suspicious email reporting platform in April and, within a month, members of the public had flagged more than 160,000 Covid-19-related scams via the portal.


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Amazon’s lockdown revenues soar 40% during the coronavirus lockdown

Amazon increased its revenues by 40 per cent in the second quarter after consumers across the globe turned to the online retail giant during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sales rose from $63.4 billion to $88.9 billion between April and June, with net income doubling to $5.2 billion. The results were stronger than Wall Street forecasts, pushing shares up by as much as 6 per cent in after-hours trading.

Analysts had pencilled in revenues of $81.5 billion, while Amazon had previously signalled that a $4 billion investment in making its warehouses and distribution network Covid-secure would cap profits at $1.5 billion.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and chief executive, said the company had created more than 175,000 new jobs since March to cope with demand.

Amazon said it was in the process of making 125,000 of these permanent full-time positions, suggesting the company believes consumers will keep increasing their spending.

Amazon, valued at

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Reuters voluntary work from home extended to January 2021

The following was sent to Reuters staffers on Thursday:


I hope that you, your family and your friends are well as we continue to battle this pandemic around the world. Your health and safety are our first priority.

We aim to be as clear as possible, to help you plan. The leadership team has therefore decided to extend our voluntary work from home period to January 11, 2021.

Countries’ efforts to understand and tackle the pandemic are advancing but, as expected, the picture is uneven. Global health concerns, fluctuating changes in travel restrictions and discussions with our customers indicate this is the right course to take for now.

Anyone who has been working from home and wants to continue through January 11 may do so. For those of you hoping to get back to an office environment soon, we are still working to give you that option, gradually reopening

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