Day: July 29, 2020

Work-life blur becomes a real issue for more and more home workers

Coronavirus has turned homeworking into the new normal, but boundaries between our personal and professional lives are beginning to erode, and mental health of staff is being affected. Work-life blur is becoming a real issue.

“At the start of lockdown we were running on adrenaline – but now we are being expected to work, play, sleep and live from the same room – and it’s having an affect on productivity and mental health”, explains Melissa Broxton from coworking experts

Is it possible to maintain a work-life balance when both things are happening in the same place? This is known as “work-life blur” and is something that homeworkers and their employers should be wary of.

The benefits and challenges of the work-life blur of homeworking

There are certainly benefits to homeworking. As well as sparing workers the ordeal of the daily commute, it allows them to think of their day

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Business rescue package has ‘delayed the inevitable’ for many companies

A wave of “zombie companies” kept afloat during lockdown are on a cliff-edge going into the autumn, experts say.

Analysis shows a surge of firms went bust in March, then the rate slowed in the first few months of lockdown amid a £160bn support package.

However, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) says many firms have piled on debts and will struggle.

The government said it would “adjust support” as the economy reopens.

So-called zombie companies are businesses that function day-to-day, but cannot pay off the full debt they owe or find cash to invest and grow.

Julie Palmer, a partner at the financial consultants Begbies Traynor, said: “This crisis will force many zombie companies out of business.

“While these were clinging on to survival prior to the pandemic, many will now have become simply unviable due to high levels of debts and poor sales.”

Stuart Adam, from the IFS,

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How Wired assesses and assigns stories

Wired magazine has posted a tutorial on how it assigns and assesses story ideas.

It writes, “WIRED is a publication about change—about the ways science and technology are reshaping the world and what it means to be human. While the subjects of WIRED stories run the gamut from deep dives into the biggest tech companies to Hindu extremism to space food to true crime, every story has technology, science, or innovation as one of its key variables.

“The science fiction author William Gibson once said that the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed. WIRED stories are often about those places where the future seems to be welling up in the present. We are always on the hunt for faint signals of change that have the potential to become strong signals later.

“What kinds of stories does WIRED assign to freelancers?

“There are three main areas where we assign

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