Day: July 28, 2020

Leading through the 3pm fog

“I feel brain dead by the end of the day”

“I’ve got so much stuff whirring around inside my head, it’s making me feel anxious.”

“By mid-afternoon I’m mentally drained from the back-to-back calls; I need a coffee just to get me through the last few hours of the day.”

These are just some of the things that I’ve heard leaders saying to me over the past few days; and I can relate to all of them.

Many of us are bouncing from one online meeting to next with little or no time in between. Or perhaps as soon as we click hang-up, we’re straight into answering a question about our teenage son or daughter’s algebra lesson, or trying to teach prime numbers to eight-year-old, as I was last week.

The relentless nature of attempting to work from home during a global pandemic has a significant impact on our cognitive

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Cyclists given £50 bike repair vouchers under government fitness drive

Cycling fanatic Boris Johnson is promising £50 repair vouchers as part of his coronavirus crusade to persuade people to get on their bike.

The first vouchers will be available online late on Tuesday in England and the prime minister is also pledging more spending on cycle lanes, training and bikes on prescription from GPs.

The aim of the bike repair vouchers is to encourage people to get their old bicycles out of the shed, fixed and safe to ride, so they cycle to the shops or see friends rather than use public transport.

Launched 24 hours after Mr Johnson’s anti-obesity campaign, the fix-your-bike voucher scheme is the latest move by the PM in his drive to boost cycling to get the nation slimmer and fitter.

“From helping people get fit and healthy and lowering their risk of illness, to improving air quality and cutting congestion, cycling and walking have a

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Former Vedomosti journalists launch new media outlet

Ex-Vedomosti senior editors and journalists are launching a new media project, “VTimes,” with the aim to continue Vedomosti’s tradition of independent journalism and editorial objectivity, reports The Moscow Times.

“More than ever before Russia needs independent sources of information that can be trusted and platforms for the free exchange of opinions and professional expertise,” Alexander Gubski, one of the project’s founders and the former deputy editor at Vedomosti, said.

In addition, numerous former experts and columnists who wrote for Vedomosti have confirmed their cooperation with VTimes.

Derk Sauer, Vedomosti’s founder and the publisher of The Moscow Times, will act as adviser for the new venture.

Vedomosti is a business newspaper in Moscow.


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