Day: July 19, 2020

Working from home saves London commuters thousands in travel costs and 23 days a year

A study has revealed that working from home saves London commuters an average of 23.5 days per year in travel time or the equivalent of £10,020 in unpaid time. 

This also saves them an average of £5,114 in travel costs (i.e. 18% of the average annual London net post-tax salary).   

The study analyses the time and financial costs London-bound commuters must bear each year due to their travel into and out of the city. Anchored around the cost of a commute into London King’s Cross (one of the capital’s busiest central terminals), the comprehensive analysis breaks down the time and financial burden of travelling from key commuter belt locations in southern England into central London on a daily and annualised basis.   

Commenting on the findings, Brendon Craigie, Founder and Managing Partner at Tyto said: “The costs of the commute are both tangible and invisible. The economic costs include not

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England yet to embrace reopened restaurants and pubs

People have not embraced an easing of lockdown restrictions in England’s pubs, bars and restaurants, according to figures that showed a drop in sales of about 40% among venues that opened their doors at the beginning of the month.

Pubs that were open in the week beginning 6 July posted a 39% decline in sales compared with the same period last year, while bars were down 43% and restaurants down 40%.

“Trading at almost 60% of pre-Covid norms is actually a better performance than many other markets internationally, such as the US, experienced on reopening,” said Karl Chessell, director of CGA, a consultancy which produces the tracker data along with The Coffer Group and the accountancy firm RSM.

The data was collected from 44 companies including nationwide pub, bar and restaurant groups.

“The sector still has a long way to go, but this sets the benchmark against which the speed

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Weekly “Get Wired” podcast starts Monday

Lauren Goode of Wired writes about its new weekly podcast, “Get Wired.”

Goode writes, “Each week, we’ll take our listeners behind the scenes of our most compelling, dystopian, and encouraging stories. We’ll explore the bizarre world of neighborhood watch apps and the people who rush to the scenes to livestream crimes from their phones. We’ll dive into the history of surveillance technology and expose the deep-rooted racism at its core. We’ll cover stories about climate change, entertainment in a post-pandemic world, and the geopolitical issues at the heart of spats over TikTok. We’ll talk to the world’s leading experts in epidemiology, airborne particles, artificial intelligence, space exploration, and more.

“We’re well aware that we’re asking people to listen to yet another podcast when they’re trying to hold down jobs, homeschool their kids, keep family members healthy, and manage all the other stressors of living through a pandemic. So why now

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