Day: July 13, 2020

Why E-Learning will be the trend this year

With the advent of advanced technology and communication, the concept of learning keeps evolving with each passing day.

Gone are the days when the only mode of education for a student was to attend the physical classes and institutions.

A huge population is shifting towards a creative and innovative mode of education or learning. The concept is popularly known as e-learning. The E-learning concept has completely changed the perception of traditional schooling. It provides the education to the students from the comfort of their own rooms.

As its name implies, E-learning, or electronic learning, refers to the concept of attending classes or courses and gaining knowledge over the internet. Instead of the typical face-to-face classes, all the students are added in their respective virtual classrooms. Now, the classroom setup is according to the preference and affordability of the institutions. A wide range of software are available that enhances and complements

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European Court sets to rule on Apple’s €13BN tax appeal case

Europe’s second highest court will deliver a verdict this week on Apple’s appeal against a €13 billion bill for back taxes, which has been a nagging sore in transatlantic relations.

The American technology giant has been fighting a 2016 ruling from the European Commission (EC) that the Irish government had given it an undue tax benefit in breach of state aid rules.

Brussels accused Ireland of striking a “sweetheart” deal with Apple, allowing the iPhone maker to pay substantially less corporation tax than other businesses. The EC ordered Ireland to recover the illegal aid, plus years of interest.

Apple, whose international headquarters are in Cork, and the Irish state challenged the ruling and have denied coming to an agreement to cap its tax liabilities. During its appeal hearing in September, lawyers for Apple argued that the order defied “reality and common sense”.

The EC’s lawyers argued that Ireland gave Apple

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How the Bagehot program changed Thompson’s life

Terri Thompson

Dean Rotbart of the 2020 Business News Visionary Awards interviewed Terri Thompson, who served as the director of Columbia University’s Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism from 1993 to 2018.

Thompson was  Knight-Bagehot Fellow in 1980-81. “It changed my life in every single way possible,” said Thompson. “It was intimidating. It was extremely tough.”

Lew Young, the editor at BusinessWeek, hired her after she completed the degree, to cover corporate finance. She also covered real estate and energy. At U.S. News & World Report, she covered personal finance and banking.

When she was hired to run the Knight-Bagehot program, it was financially struggling. She was able to raise the money to make it a permanently endowed program.

As of May 2020, Columbia University graduated 45 Bagehot classes and 412 journalists completed the program, and 239 of those participated under Thompson’s directorship.

Of the Bagehots

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