Day: May 11, 2020

Half of UK employees expect to be furloughed, fired, or take pay cut in next three months

Only half of current employees expect to continue to work normally over the coming three months, according to new research.

The rest expect to be furloughed, made redundant, or take a pay or benefits cut.

Nearly a quarter of UK employees have already been furloughed; HMRC has announced that a total of 6.3m jobs had been temporarily laid off by 800,000 companies, with claims amounting to £8bn by 3rd May. Concerningly, the new research from Barnett Waddingham suggests that many employees expect no return to normality anytime soon.

Almost one in seven employees (14%) expect to lose their jobs in the next three months. 9% expect to become/continue to be furloughed for a period of time and then be made redundant, and a further 5% expect to be made redundant immediately. This is especially pertinent as we approach an announcement from the Chancellor on how he expects to phase

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Primary schools could begin reopening from 1 June

Primary schools in England could reopen to some year groups from 1 June “at the earliest”, says Boris Johnson.

The prime minister said a phased return to school would begin with pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, if infection rates and the government’s other tests at the time allow it.

For most pupils, schools have been closed since 20 March.

But the National Education Union said the reopening plan was “nothing short of reckless”.

“At the earliest by June 1, after half term, we believe we may be in a position to begin the phased reopening of shops and to get primary pupils back into schools, in stages,” said Mr Johnson, in an address to the nation.

Secondary schools are likely to stay closed until September.

But the prime minister said there was an “ambition” that secondary pupils facing exams next year – such as Years 10 and

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New tool for COVID recovery


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How health reporter Kent is covering the COVID-19 pandemic

Spencer Kent

Spencer Kent is the lead health reporter at and The Star-Ledger where he has been covering the pandemic since January. He has been covering research and medical information, while also trying to capture the scale of human loss.

However, Kent felt the magnitude of the pandemic in mid-March when he received a tip that six members of a New Jersey family were in intensive care, in hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania due to contacting the coronavirus at a family gathering two week earlier.

Kent worked extensively to break the story of the Fusco family. He continued to follow the tragedy as it unfolded with four family members dying.

“I see the Fusco family as the quintessential canary in the coal mine situation,” Kent explains. “That story was one of the most stressful things, because I was dealing with a lot of family members, an overarching medical

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