Day: May 7, 2020

Managing during a crisis

It’s important to know how to manage the morale of your team and the ups and downs that will come your way during the current pandemic.

Nothing like this has been seen before which means we’re in unchartered territory. How do we recover? How do we plan for the future? How can we support our employees when we don’t have the facts ourselves?

During economic low points, businesses are likely to downsize and rationalise their operations in order to make it through. Some of these changes will surely be up to you to make – if not, to deliver and explain to the rest of your team.

What Can You Do?

Managing people during difficult times can be a tricky task, however following tried-and-tested strategies, you can help to keep your team and your business on track and moving forwards.

 Communication is Critical

If you’re a manager trying to navigate

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Virgin Money suspends 30,000 customers credit cards with no warning

Virgin Money has suspended thousands of customers’ credit cards without warning, at a time when many households are on a financial cliff edge.

It is understood that as many as 32,000 customers were told by email on Tuesday that their accounts were blocked with immediate effect, and that they would not be able to make further purchases.

The move, which the Newcastle-based bank said was part of routine “affordability checks carried out by a responsible lender”, took many of its customers by complete surprise.

Virgin Money’s timing could not have been worse given that the the six-week Covid-19 lockdown is hitting many families’ finances hard.

It also appears to go against the spirit of the Financial Conduct Authority’s instruction to card providers at the start of the crisis that they should accommodate those in financial difficulties.

Cardholders who claimed to have good payment histories described their shock at the move,

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Energy, banks drag down listless ASX


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Crain’s Cleveland hires Jarboe as enterprise reporter

Jarboe is a former president of the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Jarboe has been with the Plain Dealer since 2007 covering commercial real estate, development and the housing market for Ohio’s largest daily newspaper.

Before that, she worked at The News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she wrote about retail, development, planning, zoning and consumer utilities on the paper’s business staff.

Jarboe, a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, improved her knowledge of real estate by receiving a graduate certificate in urban real estate development and finance from Cleveland State University.

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