Day: May 4, 2020

Workaholic, Daydreamer, Recluse – which remote worker are you?

New research has highlighted three types of personality types that have emerged from the extended period of remote working.

  1. The Workaholic: works compulsively or over the hours required, and at the cost of their sleep, family time or personal life. A workaholic in this period is someone who enjoys their work and sees it as structure or differentiation to their day, or feels compelled to do it to prove there has been no change to productivity since home working has been introduced. The biggest threat to a workaholic is burnout.
  2. The Daydreamer: is easily distracted from tasks by activity in the home. Daydreamers find themselves in a cycle of an unfocussed and then refocussed mindset multiple times a day. The natural wandering of the mind can often mean that projects or work is delivered differently to how managers may have expected. Job satisfaction for a day dreamer can often be
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Coronavirus nuisance call wave hits UK households

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has received intelligence on a series of nuisance and scam calls hitting households throughout the UK.

In the latest scam, people receive calls informing them that wearing a mask while outdoors is obligatory, with the endgame being selling overpriced masks to the unaware.

There are two versions of the call – one involving a recorded message and the other with a live person. Both calls mislead by claiming that mask-wearing is necessary. The live-caller, quoting a price of £29 for two masks, two hand gels and gloves, requests an address and payment information.

CTSI Lead Officer, Katherine Hart, said: “The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic lockdown has led to a surge in suspicious activities, including all kinds of scams, and the phenomenon of price gouging. These calls are yet another example of opportunists attempting to make money dishonestly during a time of heightened vulnerability.

“The public

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$2.5m raising to boost Nuheara sales


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NY Times’ “The Morning Briefing” names Leonhardt as its new host/writer

The New York Times has announced that its flagship morning newsletter, “The Morning Briefing” will now be anchored by David Leonhardt.

The news was announced to staff in the following memo:

“Quietly, our flagship email newsletter, The Morning Briefing, has become one of our biggest and most important news products. The newsletter now has more than 17 million subscribers, one of the largest daily audiences of any kind in journalism, across television, radio, print and digital.

“That’s why we are turning to one of our most authoritative and nimble journalists to take the helm. We are thrilled to announce that David Leonhardt will return to the newsroom to become the new writer, host and anchor of our flagship newsletter, which will be rebranded as The Morning.

“We couldn’t imagine someone better equipped to act as the guide through the day’s news. David is the rare reporter with expertise

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