Month: April 2020

‘Every day looks like the weekend’ as workers chose spotify as colleague

The music streaming service Spotify has revealed changing user habits as the pandemic forces many of them to stay at home.

Spotify said “every day now looks like the weekend” for its users as it reported a rebound in listening after an initial hit during the coronavirus lockdown.

The music streaming site said its data showed how morning routines had “changed significantly” with a drop-off for commuting motorists but a rise in usage during cooking and household chores.

Consumers surveyed by the company in the US said they were increasingly using music to manage stress – and this was reflected in increase searches for “chill” and “instrumental” songs and an uptick for podcasts on wellness and meditation.

The findings came as Spotify reported a better than expected rise in premium subscribers to 130 million, up 31% on a year earlier.

Revenues rose 22% to €1.85bn though within this, a 17%

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Government could limit UK pub drinkers to two pints when lockdown lifts

Britons could be limited to two or three drinks when pubs reopen, a government adviser has suggested.

Eyal Winter, who is working with the Government on plans for easing the national lockdown, said businesses would need to enforce strict social distancing measures once blanket closures are lifted.

Mr Winter, an economist at Lancaster University, told the Guardian that ministers are deeply concerned that pubs will get very full as the public let loose after weeks of confinement at home. 

“People are starving for pubs,” he told the paper. “They are an important part of British culture.”

He said pub landlords and shop owners would likely have to monitor customer numbers to ensure safe distancing between individuals.

One solution for keeping people out of bars would be to ration beer to two or three pints per person before politely asking punters to go home, he suggested.

The behavioural expert, who has

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WA manufacturers win $2.5m in funding


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Fast Company has undergone a redesign

Mike Schnaidt, the creative director of Fast Company, writes about its redesign.

Schnaidt writes, “We now have a stronger emphasis on branding. Our Next section features everything from a diagram of timber architecture to infographics on gene editing to a beautifully photographed Q&A with influencer chef Alison Roman. These pages make up just a few of Fast Company’s franchises: “Material World,” “Data Dive,” and “Master Class.” Because they are so integral to the Fast Company brand, we developed an icon system to give each an identity. And our Recommender section, which is brimming with product suggestions and life hacks from some of the top minds in business, is now branded with sophisticated badges for franchises such as “Favorite Thing,” “Want It,” and “It Never Gets Old.”

“Design is a delicate balance of consistency and variety. With strict branding and typographic systems in place, we now had the

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Redundancies during a national crisis – what you need to know

In these difficult times, coronavirus-hit businesses have access to an unprecedented level of Government support.

Even so, some employers may still need to resort to other options, including redundancies, if they are struggling to stay afloat.

Making redundancies during coronavirus

Jonathan Insley is a Senior Associate in the Employment Law team at Tees explains that whilst under normal circumstances, redundancy can be a legitimate reason for an employer to dismiss employees. The employer must show justifiable grounds for redundancy and follow a fair process before dismissal, including meaningful consultation.

In the current climate, however, employers will have other factors to consider. First, they’ll need to consider whether temporary government support measures, such as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, could help prevent redundancies. In order to get back on their feet as quickly as possible once the crisis as passed, it seems sensible to first consider furloughing staff before taking the

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