Day: March 26, 2020

Michelle Mone’s 8 emergency tips for SMEs struggling with Coronavirus

As all UK business owners, from solo freelancers to larger employers are worried about how Coronavirus is going to impact their business Businesswoman and entrepreneur Michelle Mone OBE has offered 8 key points that can be acted upon in these trying times.

Mone was named the Business Start-Up Tsar by David Cameron in 2015 and now sitting in the House of Lords, Lady Mone is focussed on small business, women in business and innovation.

Ask for help

If you are struggling speak to your accountant, business adviser or peers and ask for advice. I welcome the package the Government has proposed, make use of it if you can. Here’s the link:

Don’t be embarrassed

Communicate to your clients or customers, tell them that you would really appreciate their help and to be paid on time. Small businesses can ask bigger businesses for support. Ask for exposure and shout outs

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Home coronavirus test for millions available through Amazon in days

Millions of people will soon be able to order a home finger-prick test from Amazon that will tell them if they have had Covid-19, health chiefs have promised.

People could be allowed back to work if they have recovered and tests show they are now immune, Sharon Peacock, director of the national infection service at Public Health England, said.

About 3.5 million antibody tests have been bought and millions more are being ordered with the aim of selling them to the public within days, she told MPs. However, government sources cautioned that the timetable was likely to slip as they decided who should get priority.

Boris Johnson has described the tests as a “total game-changer”, allowing people to know once they are no longer at risk of catching or passing on the virus. Validation of the tests to prove that they work is due to finish this week, Professor Peacock

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How tech reporter Lorenz develops her sources

Taylor Lorenz

New York Times technology reporter Taylor Lorenz spoke with Digiday’s Kayleigh Barber about how she reports her stories.

Here is an excerpt:

On developing sources…
“I have written about that stuff and treated people who make a living off the internet as very valid from the beginning, which most people in mainstream media weren’t doing back in 2012 and 2013.

I don’t really use email. My Instagram DMs is the first [thing I check] in the morning. It’s just like email to me. It’s my main inbox. My DMs are open on every platform and I try to respond to everyone. I want them to know I’m not some reporter up in an ivory tower. I’m on the internet with everyone else and I want to hear from everyone. The internet is basically run by teenagers. If you’re on there enough, you end up coming into contact with

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