Day: October 22, 2020

How lanyards benefit your business

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how lanyards benefit businesses, let’s first of all explain exactly what lanyards are.

Put simply, a lanyard is a long piece of cord attached to a card (usually an ID card) which is worn around your neck to identify you in a given setting, often a business setting.

Interesting fact about lanyards! The word ‘lanyard’ is derived from the French word: ‘lanière’. Used on both land and sea, lanyards were historically used to temporarily attach weapons like pistols or swords to uniforms. They were also worn on uniforms to signify rank or identity.

Today, lanyards are used in more convivial environments, but their original purpose of communicating identity still stands, and they remain especially beneficial for small and medium sized businesses. Here’s why:

They help build brand awareness

Whether your business has an established brand or not, brand building should always feature

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Sunak announces new rescue package for businesses hit by Covid lockdowns

Rishi Sunak has increased help for workers and businesses hit by Covid lockdowns in a financial rescue package issued less than a month after his last bailout.

It includes more wage support for businesses struggling to keep employees on full time, more generous help for the self-employed and further cash grants for hospitality firms forced to shut.

As he returned to the Commons to announce billions of pounds more in cash aid, Mr Sunak acknowledged that the picture had darkened since he presented his winter economy plan on September 24.

He rejected demands that he increase the subsidy paid to workers in businesses forced to shut in Tier 3 areas. That will remain at two thirds rather than the 80 per cent paid in the original scheme. However he tweaked the job support scheme announced last month as part of his winter economy plan after criticism that it did not

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Johnson departs Paste Magazine for Law360

Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson has been hired by Law360 as a copy editor. Her new role begins next week.

Recently, Johnson was an associate music editor at Paste Magazine. She joined the magazine in 2018, as an editorial intern and then served as an assistant music editor before holding her current post.

Johnson has also worked at The Crimson White, joining as an assistant culture editor and then holding the post of culture editor. She was also an entertainment editor at Alice Magazine and a co-creator at Tuscaloosa’s Battle of Bands.

She has also served as an editorial intern at Downtown Magazine NYC, Inc, and was an entertainment intern at The Tuscaloosa News.

In addition, she has also held the posts of brand ambassador and staff reporter at USA Today Network and The Crimson White, respectively.

Johnson earned her bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism and French from University of Alabama.

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