Day: October 19, 2020

A beginner’s guide to employee stock ownership

You’ve landed a new job in a new company. As part of the company’s benefits package, they’re offering stock options. What does it mean?

Maybe, you don’t have any idea what stock options mean. It can also be that you’re not sure how to get started with it. It’s essential to note that most companies offer perks to employees as part of their salary package. These perks can include 401(k)s, vacation days, and, in some other cases, the option of investing in company stock. It’s usually in the form of an employee stock ownership plan.

Here are the basics about employee stock ownership that you should know.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan: What Is It?

The term employee stock ownership plan refers to the practice of providing stock options to current and former employees. There are two types of employee stock ownership plans: defined benefit plans and defined contribution

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Gordon Brown calls for £100-a-week wage subsidy to help hire under-25s

The former prime minister Gordon Brown has called for employers to be given a wage subsidy of £100 a week to hire workers under 25 as part of a plan to prevent youth unemployment exceeding levels seen in the 1980s.

Brown said 1.5 million young people would need help to find work over the next year, adding the government’s £2bn ”kickstart” scheme announced in the summer would not be sufficient.

The former Labour leader – and prime minister during the financial crisis of the late 2000s – said research by the employment expert Prof Paul Gregg underlined how the job losses from the Covid-19 pandemic were concentrated among the under-25s.

Brown said: “This report charts the arithmetic of deprivation and desolation as youth unemployment gets out of control and this will alarm every parent in every region and nation of Britain. Today we are dealing with a far bigger challenge

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