Day: October 15, 2020

Photography expert reveals 10 top tips to be the best-looking person in the zoom meeting

Technology experts at Reincubate saw an opportunity in the rise of remote-working video calls and developed the app, Camo, to improve the video quality of our webcam calls.

As part of this, they consulted the digital photography expert and author, Jeff Carlson, to reveal how we can look our best online.

It’s clear by now that COVID-19 has normalised remote working, but as part of this the importance of video calls has risen exponentially. While we’re all used to seeing the more casual sides of our colleagues (t-shirt and shorts, anyone?), poor webcam quality is slightly less forgivable.

Jeff Carlson, author of The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar 4 and Take Control of Your Digital Photos suggests “the product you’re creating is not the camera, the lens or a webcam’s clever industrial design. It’s the subject, you, which is just one part of the entire image they see. You want

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UK banks set to hike cost of credit card borrowing

Banks are expected to increase the cost of credit card borrowing in the run up to Christmas following a recovery in demand for unsecured loans by UK households.

The Bank of England said its latest survey of lenders found that banks raised the cost of loans in the third quarter and planned to continue increasing average interest rates in the fourth quarter.

Lenders are also expected to restrict loan products in the fourth quarter, though not by as much as in the third quarter, further limiting access to vital loans as the second wave of the coronavirus virus hits many regions of the UK.

The trend signals a return to more normal levels of demand for consumer loans in the third and fourth quarters after a collapse in the appetite for spending with credit during the second quarter amid the worst of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Officials in the Bank’s Threadneedle

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Business Insider hires Golden as investing reporter

Theo Golden

Theo Golden is joining Business Insider as an investing reporter, covering markets and telling stories on how the investors are spending their money.

He will start next week.

Previously, Golden was a news intern at Bloomberg. He has also worked at Palatinate U.K. for more than a year, joining as a co-music editor, and then holding the post of profile editor.

He has also worked at Acuris for a year, joining as a transactions intern on the Mergermarket editorial team. Later on, he worked as a freelance financial journalist for the company. Golden was also selected to be a on the AS Aspire 2019 Coaching Program.

Golden is a graduate of Durham University.

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