Day: October 10, 2020

Extending business reach to an international audience

We live in an ever-growing digital world, which means businesses can now have influence, and reach clients and customers, far beyond their local area.

Reaching an international audience, especially for service-based businesses, is a way to scale up the business for long-term success and growth. Unlike product-based or e-commerce businesses there are none of the issues involved with shipping products across national borders.

So, it’s a highly attractive proposition for service-based businesses to grow internationally; and there are many advantages. However, as with all things in life and business there are also some disadvantages. For internationally focused businesses the main disadvantage is communicating with different regions that have different languages and cultures. However, the challenges of global communication can be overcome – let’s first take a look at the main challenges:


Globalisation offers opportunities to employ the best talent and reach a whole new audience of customers and clients.

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Netflix invests in new London HQ as it expands into Britain

Netflix is investing in a new London headquarters as part of its aggressive expansion plans in Britain.

The streaming service will treble its office space in the capital to 100,000 sq ft when it moves into the Copyright Building in the West End.

The leasing deal follows the international success of Netflix programmes made in Britain, including The Crown and Sex Education.

A source close to the company said Netflix intends to “invest heavily in the British creative economy”, creating jobs in its business operations, original productions and co-productions.

Netflix has 269 employees in the UK, where it filmed more than 50 productions last year.

A spokesman said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to the UK, we are excited to expand our operations in London through the lease of additional office space.”

The company has agreed to take over a lease from Capita, the outsourcer, which is giving up

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NY Times Advertising introduces Pivotal

The New York Times Company’s advertising team is introducing Pivotal, a new platform built for marketers seeking brand relevance and deep consumer insight on the most important topics today.

The platform is supported by the Times’s rich audience data and extensive research, and delivers guidance and recommendations for brands to shape creative work and marketing strategies.

The team behind Pivotal engaged in extensive research, interviewed journalists, experts, readers and adults across the U.S. and tapped into the New York Times’s vast first-party data to outline recommendations around six aspects, including:

  • Race
  • Climate
  • Sex
  • Gender
  • Tech
  • Money

Erin Hennessy, executive director of insights for The New York Times said:

“Pivotal offers marketers an unequalled opportunity to learn about how consumers think and feel about the most pressing issues facing our communities. Brands have the opportunity to apply this knowledge and embrace what it means for a brand to be

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