Day: October 9, 2020

Meet the SME finance broker supporting new businesses during COVID-19

While the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spark uncertainty throughout the economy, a growing number of ambitious entrepreneurs are using the pandemic as a unique opportunity to design, build, and develop their own businesses from the ground up.

Following a worrying period of job losses, the number of new businesses being registered with Companies House is understood to have experienced a 50% year-on-year increase, with many new start-ups securing essential funding through SME finance expert, BizBritain.

A UK-based commercial finance broker, BizBritain has secured funding totalling more than £30 million since the service was first launched in 2012, with an estimated £6 million being distributed over the past 6 months alone during the country’s COVID-19 lockdown. Companies House data suggests that while the number of new businesses initially dropped through March, April, and May, start-up registrations grew to a whopping 77,574 in June 2020, up from 52,779 the year before;

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Retail sector has ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ to prevent mental health storm

The UK retail sector has a once in a lifetime opportunity to prevent a potential mental health storm that could impact millions of workers.

That is the word from industry charity retailTRUST as it launches its ‘2020 Health of Retail’ report, which identifies a triumvirate of pandemic-induced stress and anxiousness facing UK retail workers.

“Socioeconomically, the pandemic has been linked with a host of hardships: isolation, bereavement, alcohol and drug use, domestic violence, financial strain and criminality,” said retailTRUST Chief Medical Advisor Dr Adrian Massey who authored the 2020 Health of Retail Report.

“Surveys of mental wellbeing demonstrate widespread distress across the population. Demand for public services is acute and the abrupt decline in economic activity means government access to funding is constrained. Retail workers are especially exposed to COVID-19 related health and wealth risks and, if we are to minimise subsequent harm, we must pull together now to offer

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