Day: October 6, 2020

Can UV light protect your home office and business from covid?

For people running businesses from home offices what is the reality of UV-C light as a Covid deterrent? Could it be a solution for the millions of UK SME’s?

With Covid lockdowns and precautions set to last at least another six months, UK businesses are having to get used to operating in a restricted and curtailed fashion. The challenge of keeping premises safe and clean is one that is testing organisations of every size. The use of UV light to disinfect against Covid has been talked about in the media – but only in relation to large-scale sites such as hospitals or airports. Little has been said about UV usage on a smaller scale. We investigate …

Official cleaning guidelines

The latest Government guidelines for businesses include advice on implementing social distancing, the usage of face coverings, the tracing of customers and other safety measures. There is also specific guidance

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Nearly 500,000 redundancies planned since crisis began

The economy bounced back in the summer after the unprecedented economic downturn earlier in the year, as workers were urged to return to the office, and customers encouraged to spend more by schemes such as the Eat Out To Help Out restaurant vouchers.

However a number of big businesses from many of the hardest-hit sectors, such as retail and restaurants, announced big redundancy plans, including Debenhams, DW Sports, Marks & Spencer, Pret a Manger, currency exchange company Travelex, and WH Smith

The 58,000 positions put at risk in August was considerably lower than previous months, but it was still more than 150% up on the previous year.

“There was a sense of optimism in August, we were starting to see more spending and more activity, there were hopes for a quick recovery,” said Rebecca McDonald, senior economist at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation think tank. “That seems a lot less likely … Read More