Day: October 2, 2020

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome as a business owner?

Learn both how to recognise if you have these negative thoughts and how to banish them so you can perform better in your role.

CEO coach and turnaround king, Peter Ryding shares his wisdom to get SME’s business owners out of the detrimental thought processes that can stump and company’s growth. He speaks to Managing Editor Richard Alvin in our podcast, listen to the full version here and refer back to this to ensure you banish any negative thought processes from your mind.

Ironically imposter syndrome is one of so many self limiting beliefs it’s more prevalent in senior people because people tend to be dismissive of how they got to be in that position ‘oh I got lucky’ or ‘I don’t really know how this business works, I should understand it in more detail but at the moment I’m winging it and getting by and no one’s noticed.’


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Bernard Matthews offers free bus travel to staff after car-sharing blamed for Covid outbreak

Bernard Matthews

A poultry company that linked an outbreak of Covid-19 to car-sharing by staff has made buses to its facilities free after a union said fares had nearly doubled.

Thirty-six people have tested positive for coronavirus at the Bernard Matthews site in Holton, Suffolk.

After the Unite union said fares had risen from £3.50 to £6, the company said there would no longer be a charge.

The firm said it had scrapped fares to keep staff safe.

On Monday, a joint statement from Bernard Matthews and Norfolk and Suffolk public health officials said food production and safety at the turkey processing plant were unaffected.

Bernard Matthews, which employs 1,000 people at the plant, said it believed the cases were linked to car-sharing.

‘Fast-moving situation’

Unite said the bus fare rise came into force on 3 August, and had encouraged workers to car-share.

“Low-paid workers, essential to food production, deserve to be

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Amazon reports 20,000 workers have Covid-19

Amazon has reported that close to 20,000 of its workforce in the United States have contracted Covid-19 so far this year.

Jeffrey Dastin reported the news for Reuters: Inc on Thursday said more than 19,000 of its U.S. frontline workers contracted the coronavirus this year, or 1.44% of the total, a disclosure sought by labor advocates who have criticized the COVID-19 response of the world’s largest online retailer.

Some staff, elected officials and unions in recent months have said Amazon put employees’ health at risk by keeping warehouses open during the pandemic. Amazon said its rate of infection was 42% lower than expected when considering the virus’ spread in the general population.

CNN’s Sara Ashley O’Brien wrote:

Amazon had repeatedly resisted sharing comprehensive data with the public and with its own workers about the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases at its warehouses, which have become crucial hubs

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