Day: September 17, 2020

Three simple questions to test your business’s organisational design

If you want to evaluate whether or not your business’s organisational design is as effective and efficient as it could be, there are 3 simple questions you should ask yourself.

The answers to these questions will inform you, if your organisational design is what it should be, if it would benefit from adjustment or if you need to pull it apart and start again. The questions are,

Question 1: To what extent is your organisational design driven by legacy culture and practices?

This question is designed to challenge the status quo thinking about your organisational design.

Are your people organised in a particular way because they’ve always been organised in that manner, regardless of changes to your processes, the market you operate in and/or competitive forces? Moreover, was it historically designed to accommodate (now redundant) processes, but hasn’t been updated due to a resistance to change from the people within

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People shopping more locally in lockdown, says Co-op

Grocery chain the Co-op saw sales rise in the first half of the year as customers shopped closer to home and ate out less during the pandemic.

Like-for-like sales in food, which strip out the effect of new shops opening, increased by 8.8% in the six months to 24 July.

Its boss said: “We are living in unprecedented times, but the response of our Co-op has been exceptional.”

Co-op expects coronavirus-related costs to hit £97m for the full year.

Chief executive Steve Murrells told the BBC’s Today programme that the boost in sales was largely down to “people shopping more locally during the crisis”.

“We’re finding that when lockdowns happen… the average basket size doubles, but also local deliveries are very popular.”

Mr Murrells added that 1.7 million new households had shopped at a Co-op store for the first time during the pandemic.

Total revenues for the group increased by

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