Day: September 14, 2020

More than 50% of Britons are now happy to see a virtual GP

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to embrace virtual meetings through Zoom and similar platforms.

But whilst virtual GPs have been around for over a decade, research shows that due to the pandemic, more than half of the UK are happy to have any appointment with a virtual GP.

Available on your smartphone, tablet or desktop, patients can set up an appointment with a virtual GP, typically through their practice, clinic, via their insurer or by reaching out to various virtual GP brands.

A survey conducted by health insurance company Equipsme, showed that out of 1,049 people, that 37% would like the option of a remote consultation, whilst 24% would always prefer remote appointments due to convenience or to restrict journeys or coming into contact with the general public.

In fact, research showed that 61% would either prefer to keep seeing their doctor remotely, or would like to have the

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30% of workers in Wales could might never return to the office

Around 30% of workers in Wales could regularly work from home even after the coronavirus pandemic, the Welsh government has said.

During the worst of the crisis, people from across the UK were told to work at home if possible, a move that resulted in less road congestion and pollution as well as limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

Ministers in Wales have said working remotely can also improve the work-life balance and potentially drive regeneration and economic activity in communities.

The plan is for staff to work in the office, at home, or in remote working hubs within easy distance of their homes.

It comes after the UK government instructed workers to return to the office last month, concerned about the economic effect of commuters being absent from city centres.

Lee Waters, deputy minister for economy and transport, said: “The UK government instruction for everyone to go back to

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NY Times invests in U.K.-based Trint

The New York Times Company has invested in London-based speech-to-text transcription platform Trint, as per reports.

The funding from this Series A Acceleration Round includes additional investment from existing and new individual private investors, including institutional investment from The Associated Press and TechNexus in 2019.

The U.K. transcription software tool also received early funding from The Knight Foundation.

The funding by the Times will be used to build out its platform’s features and increase hiring, which has already grown by 50% in 2020.

“Trint has already struck a chord with thousands of users looking to work seamlessly across audio, video and text,” Matthew Lloyd-Thomas, senior manager of M&A and Investment at The New York Times Company, said. “Audio and video are increasingly important mediums, and we’re excited to see Trint play a leading role in this evolving ecosystem.”

Other clients of the company include Nike, The Associated Press,

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