Day: June 16, 2020

Make home working work

Before lockdown, only 17% of employees regularly worked from home, yet now nearly half the UK is doing just that , sharing broadband with families/household members who are also home working/schooling.

Daniel Mitchell, Co-Founder and Director of technology services business Lifeline IT looks at the various issues this presents.

Reduced connectivity speeds due to several family/household members sharing facilities is one of the key challenges facing many people. Home working can also present an ideal opportunity for hackers, as online security may not be as robust as in the office – in recent weeks there have been warnings that cyber criminals are taking advantage of the coronavirus situation by sending fake emails, texts and false tracker apps.

Boost your connectivity

If you’re having problems with your internet connection, try moving your wireless router – keep it away from thick walls, big pieces of metal – such as refrigerators or microwaves

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Government sets out how the UK will lead the way on location data

The Government has published a strategy today setting out how the UK will unlock the power of location data.

Location data, also known as geospatial data, is used across sectors as diverse as infrastructure, housing and retail.

Cabinet Office Minister, Lord True, today launched Unlocking the Power of Location: the UK’s geospatial strategy.

True said:
“ Rapid technological advances over the last 15 years have put sat navs in cars, maps on our phones, wearable sensors around our wrists and smart devices in our homes – all of which are integral to millions of lives.

“The application of location data is critical for navigating our new digital world, and for making the UK a better place for everyone.

“As well as making everyday lives easier, location data has the potential to unite and level up the country – by connecting people, organisations and services. This government will unleash Britain’s potential

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Senior editors of Russian biz newspapers resign

Senior editors at Russia’s leading business newspaper quit Monday in protest against what they say is censorship under new ownership, reports Anna Smolchenko of Agence France Presse.

Smolchenko reports, “In an open letter published by The Bell, an independent Russian-language news site, all five editors said they were leaving after Shmarov was confirmed as editor-in-chief.

“‘As acting chief editor, he ran the newsroom for almost three months and managed over that period to repeatedly violate editorial norms and guidelines adopted at Vedomosti,’ they said.

“‘We have no other choice but to leave.’

“The new owner has said he is certain the newspaper would retain ‘high professional standards.’”

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