Day: June 15, 2020

How to run a successful personal training business in 2020

Due to the gyms being closed for months, personal trainers all over the UK have had their livelihoods taken away from them.

Most personal trainers are self-employed and have struggled for cash despite government support. Then there are the limited company personal trainers who’ve had little financial help and have either had to shut down or change their business model completely.

Gyms are due to reopen in July

There’s hope that the gyms will reopen in July, but how they are going to function remains to be seen.

Packed gyms, with people fighting over weight benches and machines, are a thing of the past. Gyms are going to have to limit their numbers, potentially increase prices, and also put in place extra cleaning measures to protect members. Then there’s the social distancing aspect.

Even with all of the safety measures in place, there is a high likelihood that not all

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One million ‘locked out’ of coronavirus economic rescue schemes

More than a million people have fallen through the cracks in the government’s economic rescue package and require urgent support to see them through the pandemic, MPs have warned.

Rishi Sunak is facing calls to “completely fulfil” his promise to do “whatever it takes” to support the economy after MPs concluded that many newly employed staff, self-employed workers, company directors and freelancers have been “locked out” of assistance schemes.

The Treasury select committee estimated that many hundreds of thousands of people have already endured several months of financial hardship “through no fault of their own”.

“If it is to be fair and completely fulfil its promise of doing whatever it takes, the government should urgently enact our recommendations to help those who have fallen through the gaps,” Mel Stride, its chairman, said.

About 8.9 million jobs have been furloughed, with 1.1 million employers lodging claims worth some £19.6 billion under

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How CNBC is building its membership programs

Sonie Osagie

Grace Wu of Penn Innovators in Business interviewed Sonie Osagie, CNBC director of strategic content & news partnerships, about her job.

Here is an excerpt:

Tell us about your current career.

“I am currently at CNBC in a strategy and operations role that is focused on emerging businesses and platforms. My portfolio consists of two main areas: 1) content strategy for audio; specifically, I oversee the production of our podcasts at CNBC and launches of new series. 2) Business operations and strategy for CNBC Councils, which is one of our subscription businesses. These are membership programs that we’ve created for C-level executives. We have a network for chief technology officers and chief information officers–leaders that are thinking about digital transformation at their companies. We also have a second [network] that we built this year for chief human resources officers and chief diversity and inclusion officers, which focuses on

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