Day: June 12, 2020

Sara Davies MBE dispenses business advice to get through covid

Known in the business world for her savvy acumen and instinct for opportunity, Sara Davies MBE has been cast as the youngest dragon to enter the popular TV show, Dragons’ Den.

She’s taken time from her busy schedule to chat to Business Matters Magazine and share a few honest tips that have seen her and her team continue to keep pushing forwards against the covid struggle.

Initially known as the female entrepreneur who made over £500k before she even graduated her university course. Now her company Crafter’s Companion turns over in excess of £34million per year, her experience winning Sara and her 190 strong team many awards over the years. Throughout lockdown Sara and her team have worked tirelessly to communicate with their loyal following on social channels bringing new ideas to life in the craft world and keeping the nation’s minds entertained.

Everyone’s experience of lockdown has been totally

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More than a third of employees furloughed in some UK towns

More than a third of employees in some towns in Britain have been furloughed due to coronavirus, according to figures that also reveal the government’s job retention scheme has now cost almost £20bn.

Crawley in Sussex, which sits next to Gatwick airport, had 33.7% of employees furloughed last month while in contrast Cambridge had just under half that proportion at 17.4%.

Burnley, Slough, Sunderland and Birmingham were also in the top five towns and cities with the largest percentage of employees sent home after their employers found there was no work for them to do during the coronavirus lockdown.

Cambridge headed a list of university towns that boasted the least number of furloughed staff, including Oxford, Exeter and Cardiff.

According to analysis by the thinktank Centre for Cities of the first regional breakdown of furlough data published by the government, the scheme is estimated to cost £19.6bn.

London was the

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Powering-On Through Isolation | Business News

The frustration of IT systems that are not working well is far too familiar to all of us. The feeling that there must be a better way to work. We rarely pause to notice when our IT systems do simply work. No fuss, no switching between applications… that magic moment when we have managed to streamline our systems. Many of us suffer through inefficient IT systems because the pain of change just seems too much (in both time and expense). But do we really still need to? Surely by now someone has developed an affordable way of fixing things.

Local Perth company, Underground Power Development, was very much like that. Their success had become their IT burden. The company grew from a small start-up in 1996 and has flourished, expanding in scale and scope. As that expansion happened, ‘bits’ were added to each of their operating systems until they had

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Reuters wins award for exposing Supreme Court protection of police

The Sidney Hillman Foundation announced that Andrew Chung, Lawrence Hurley, Andrea Januta, Jackie Botts, and Guillermo Gomez of Reuters have won the June Sidney Award for Shielded: For Cops Who Kill, Special Supreme Court Protection.

The investigation includes a groundbreaking data analysis that shows how the Supreme Court has honed the doctrine of qualified immunity to make it almost impossible to sue police officers for excessive force.

Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine that says that police officers can’t be sued for their actions on the job, unless they break a “clearly established” federal law. The doctrine was intended to protect public officials from frivolous lawsuits, but as Justice Sonya Sotomayor observed in 2018, it has become “an absolute shield” for violent cops.

The Reuters team analyzed Supreme Court decisions on qualified immunity from 2005 through 2019. They found that the Supreme Court is 3.5 times more likely to

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