Day: June 2, 2020

How far should you go with sharing your political beliefs on social media?

In light of the recent vilification of Dominic Cummings, how far should you take your personal social media in terms of political stories?

Richard Alvin, Managing Editor of Business Matters hosts a round table with Luana Ribira, book and media consultant and Andy Yeti founder of 10Yetis, digital PR and marketing agency covering a plethora of promotions.

The video discusses the issues and poses some thought provoking questions. Luana favours the opinion that it’s a good thing for people to be voicing their opinions and if they have their own personal brand and they’re stepping up as a leader then it’s a great thing for them to show people who they really are. Sharing their beliefs and influencing people in a positive way. Talking in the video she shares how you can find the right people to pull into your team by using this level of honesty because the

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UK’s smallest firms divert £10bn in exports away from EU

Britain’s smallest companies are “jumping before they are pushed” by diverting £10bn in exports away from the EU as concerns mount over a possible collapse in Brexit trade talks, according to a report.

The research from academics at Aston University, which comes before the latest round of Brexit negotiations this week, showed small British firms were ramping up sales to countries in South America and east Asia.

Suggesting such firms were taking evasive action to avoid the collapse of talks before the end of this year, the researchers said they had switched more than £10bn a year in exports to other markets since the 2016 Brexit vote.

Hopes for a trade deal between London and Brussels are rapidly fading as the end of the Brexit transition in December draws closer, with both sides focused on responding to Covid-19 and seemingly at loggerheads over the future trading relationship.

Following a drift

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Wired editorial staffers ask Conde Nast CEO to recognize union

Members of the Wired editorial staff sent the following to Conde Nast CEO Roger Lynch on Monday:


Today marks 40 days since the WIRED editorial staff announced our union. Since then, many of my colleagues have been laid off and received second-rate severance packages not befitting their contributions to WIRED, despite the fact that we are producing some of the most important, highest-performing work of our 27-year history.

In the meantime, the WIRED Union hasn’t heard from your, and your silence is increasingly concerning. It seems to suggest you are breaking with the already established precedent at Conde Nast of swift voluntary recognition. I implore you to stop stalling and recognize the WIRED Union immediately. Fighting our union would be a waste of time and resources, and it will severely erode trust between our union and Conde Nast management.

We are more resolute than ever before. More than 90

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