Day: May 26, 2020

How social trading can improve your investing

One of the trendiest developments that’s appeared in the trading industry recently is ‘social trading’.

Many traders use social trading and copy trading strategies when they want to get involved in the markets without having a thorough knowledge of how trading works, or if they don’t want to spend hours analyzing charts and financial data.

Both novice and experienced traders believe that using the knowledge and experience of active members of online trading communities to improve their results is one of the greatest advantages of social trading. Giving traders new ways to profit from the power and wisdom of the crowd is disrupting the world of traditional finance and trading – and will continue to change the way people trade in the coming years.

So, what is social trading, and how is it different from copy trading? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these trading techniques? Most

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Row for Rio over rock shelter


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Adler of Reuters talks about what sets the news organization apart

Stephen Adler

Stephen Adler, the editor in chief of Reuters, spoke with Dean Rotbart for the 2020 Visionary series about what sets the news organization about from Dow Jones or Bloomberg News.

Adler noted that Reuters has been covering general news for more than 160 years while its competitors started as a financial data company and a financial news organization.

“It makes our culture more different. You hear a huge number of accents, and when they are telling war stories, they are really telling war stories because they have covered things all over the place,” said Adler.

“Culture, as everybody says is the most powerful thing in an organization. And this is an inherited organization. One of our biggest assets is the teaching and training and culture transmission that goes on from generation to generation here.,” he added.

“We also try to be a very humane organization and be

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