Day: May 16, 2020

What impact is lockdown having on the property market?

Despite a lifting of some minor restrictions, the UK is still very much closed as it deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business owners from all sectors are trying to map out the affect the pandemic will have on their business, particularly for those who cannot work remotely. Given the hands-on nature of the traditional high-street estate agent it is no surprise that the property market in the UK has virtually ground to a halt and property prices are expected to fall by 20%.

Only in February this year was the property industry riding high, with a so called ‘Boris Bounce’ seeing a peaked interest in buying and selling. Zoopla revealed a year on year buyer interest of 60%. However, with the pandemic taking a firm grip on the country back in March, this boost came to a sharp end.

Restrictions lifted for property industry

Typically, the spring is a blossoming

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Brexit talks stall as UK resists EU demands on fair competition

Negotiations between the UK and the EU on their post-Brexit future relationship have become deadlocked, negotiators admitted on Friday, prompting calls for both sides to change approach ahead of a crucial summit in June.

At the end of the third round of talks between Brussels and the UK, David Frost, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, said discussions had stalled because of disagreements over the EU’s demands on the so-called level playing field. The bleak assessment was shared by his EU counterpart Michel Barnier who said the two sides risked reaching a “stalemate”.

The chief negotiators’ comments underlined that, with only one scheduled negotiating round left before the EU and UK take stock in June, the two sides have little progress to show for their efforts and remain deeply divided.

Boris Johnson has previously threatened to walk away from the negotiations if insufficient progress has been made by next month’s high-level talks

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See-saw ASX up 1.4% as miners shine


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WSJ hires The Drum’s Deighton

Katie Deighton

The Drum senior reporter Katie Deighton has been hired by The Wall Street Journal.

She will start on Monday and work with Nat Ives and Ann-Marie Alcantara on the Experience Report, which explores how companies interact with consumers.

Deighton has been based in New York City. Formerly based out of London, she reports on brand and business strategy out of the U.S., and produces, films, presents and edits the title’s editorial video output, including series such as Anatomy of an Ad, Creative Pursuits and Why I Left Advertising.

She also reports on the intersection between politics and marketing.

Deighton previously worked for Retail Week and Event Magazine.

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