Day: May 13, 2020

Lockdown creates radical shift in UK’s mindset on environmental issues

Almost two-thirds of workers have evaluated their environmental impact during the coronavirus pandemic, and the majority are seeking permanent changes to their working week once lockdown restrictions ease, according to a new survey.

The new research from Hitachi Capital UK has established the enforced lockdown for many Brits has altered their outlook for the long term future. A staggering 40% of workers are now considering greener commuting alternatives post-lockdown, with over a quarter (26%) now more likely to buy an electric car than they were before the pandemic.

The study illustrated a wider evaluation of day to day working life during lockdown also found that 41% cite the time and cost savings of ditching the daily commute as the main reason home working is a more attractive proposition. The flexibility of working from home is identified as the most significant benefit by 13% of respondents.

Analysing the sector by sector

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1 in 3 small firms may never reopen once lockdown is lifted

One in three companies that have temporarily shut during the lockdown fear that they may never reopen, according to a survey of thousands of small businesses by Britain’s largest employers’ group.

In findings that underscore the challenge that faces the government as it weans businesses off emergency support packages, one in three small employers said that they were considering or had made redundancies.

Seven in ten of the respondents to the survey of more than 5,000 companies are using the state staff furlough scheme, which underwrites 80 per cent of wages. The Federation of Small Businesses, which conducted the research, said that a sudden retraction of government support would pose a threat to “millions of livelihoods”.

Three quarters of employers expect to benefit from yesterday’s extension of the jobs support scheme to October and the ability to bring furloughed workers back part-time from August. However, employers will be expected to

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New Dow Jones CEO Latour: A reputation for being creative and innovative

Almar Latour

Max Willens of Digiday profiled new Dow Jones & Co. CEO Almar Latour, who rose to that spot last week.

Willens writes, “Under Latour, the titles in Barron’s Group began to work together more closely, sharing resources and content while also diversifying their respective businesses. ‘There was this vision of what we could be together,’ an executive at one title said. For example, Barron’s began working more closely with Marketwatch, with the two brands sharing articles with one another, as well as collaborating on a streaming video show, produced in partnership with Nasdaq.

“Latour also set ambitious goals for each brand’s individual success. In addition to robust digital subscriber growth — Barron’s went from 133,000 digital subscriptions in 2016 to more than 299,000 digital subscriptions in 2019, according to SEC filings — Barron’s expanded internationally, debuting events in Switzerland and China.

“Past direct reports say the ambitious goals

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