Day: March 19, 2020

10 things to do differently when working from home

In light of the speed in which the coronavirus is spreading, Boris Johnson has urged everyone to avoid unnecessary social contacts and to work from home where possible.

The Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI), part of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) – a firm with 28 years in managing remote teams – has released a series of tools to help organisations manage dispersed workforces. In addition, the Institute is offering advice to those people who will find themselves working from home in the coming weeks.

10 things to do differently

  1. Spend time socialising with colleagues when you’re apart – stay in touch with what’s going on in their lives to build cohesion and closeness.
  2. Make your activities visible to colleagues – they can’t see you physically, so make sure they know what you’re doing and if you need support.
  3. Jointly agree how to run virtual meetings and always use video to see
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Boris Johnson announces closure of schools in England

Schools across the country will close from Friday with only the children of key workers allowed to attend a basic education service, Boris Johnson has said.

The devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales have already announced school closures from Friday as parents keep children away and staff absences increase.

Government sources stressed that the definition of “key workers” would be wide so that critical parts of the economy as well as public services could continue to operate.

Children of those deemed key workers will be asked to go to a “skeleton” school, not necessarily their normal one. Emergency laws to be introduced in the Commons tomorrow will give ministers the power to compel schools to open.

NHS staff, police and other emergency workers as well as those working in retail, food and other goods supply chains will qualify for basic school service.

It remains unclear what the announcement means for

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Automotive News Europe editor has been quarantined

Jason Stein, the publisher of Automotive News, writes that its editor in Europe has been quarantined after covering the coronavirus pandemic.

Stein writes, “It was just three weeks ago in a small town in northern Italy where our Luca Ciferri, associate publisher and editor of Automotive News Europe, first wrote about an expanding presence of COVID-19.

“There was a theme to what Ciferri was hearing in Italy, the second-hardest-hit region of the globe after China.

“The virus was ‘coming from Milan,’ Ciferri wrote to me on WhatsApp, and Milan ‘is the common origin of infections in Switzerland and Germany.’

“It was Wednesday, Feb. 26.

“Ciferri, who is now quarantined, was one of the first to caution us on the spread of the new coronavirus beyond China. It was moving quickly.”

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