Day: March 15, 2020

Consumers fear censorship of online reviews endangers free speech

Study reveals majority of consumers would stop using platforms if they knew that they were censoring reviews

A study from Trustpilot, has revealed an alarming distrust among UK consumers when it comes to brands removing or censoring legitimate consumer reviews across the internet, with four-in-ten saying they are very concerned about their freedom of speech.

The Critical role of reviews in Internet Trust report into the state of online trust highlights consumers’ concerns that online reviews are being tampered with by brands and that this is causing them to waste money they can’t afford to.

While the findings show that consumers are increasingly reliant on customer reviews – with nine-in-ten saying they read reviews before buying online, and the average consumer spending £433 each year on purchases that were influenced or informed by an online review – they are also wary of their legitimate feedback being manipulated by companies.


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Research reveals that the UK is not ready for home-working

Figures released today suggest that the UK is one of the least prepared countries to weather a mass home-working strategy.

Leesman has surveyed more than 700,000 employees worldwide. Of the 139,778 UK workers in its index, 55% have little or no experience working from home, compared with 52% of respondents globally.

With Covid-19 elevated to pandemic status by the World Health Organization, major corporations including Apple, Starbucks, Twitter and Facebook are now advising employees to work from home in a bid to curb the outbreak and protect their workforce. Many British businesses have released Covid-19 contingency plans including compulsory home-working policies, and some have begun to close sites and ban external visitors.

While the UK government prepares to ask even mildly sick people to stay home, leading researchers have suggested British workers who can work from home should do so, regardless of whether they are symptomatic, to reduce their risk

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The life of a business journalist as entrepreneur

Henry Dubroff, the editor in chief and founder of the Pacific Business Times, writes about how the publication has survived as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Dubroff writes, “Nothing is guaranteed but no crisis lasts forever. At the Business Times, we worked really hard in the summer of 2001 to get our costs under control so we could have a break even operation. A key part was launching our first event, 40 Under 40, in late September and the Sept. 11 attacks happened just as we were going to press. It’s hard to imagine but all air traffic stopped, the stock markets closed and then cratered. But on the Monday of our first 40 under 40 dinner, markets rallied, people came out and the world began what would be a slow return to normal. We were lucky with our timing, but our persistence paid off.

“The company will talk

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