Day: March 12, 2020

How to maximise the visibility of your retail space

Proper retail merchandising can increase visibility, brand awareness, and customer purchases in your retail space.

Considering your customer is an essential element for creating the most accurate visual displays to entice your audience. Whether you’re looking to build on your past successes or develop an all-new visual display for your retail space, here are some things to consider when setting up your display.

Plan For The Customer

Take a customer-focused approach to your display. What age, income, and lifestyle does my customer represent? What purchases have they made here before? Nailing down that target buyer and what their tastes are will make setting up your visual display infinitely more successful. Once you’ve considered this customer and what items they’ll be looking for, creating a plan is the next step in successful retail merchandising. Decide what fixtures, props, and items you’ll be using, and where they will go in your retail

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EU frees airlines to halt ‘ghost flights’ in coronavirus fightback

Brussels has reacted to the coronavirus epidemic by suspending the EU’s use-it-or-lose it rules on airport landing slots, freeing airlines to halt “ghost flights” in which planes have been taking off without any passengers.

The aviation sector has been badly hit by the crisis after a collapse in customer demand and the requirement under EU rules that they use 80% of their allocated slots or risk losing them to a competitor.

Airlines from across Europe have been unnecessarily burning their way through thousands of tonnes of fuel flying near empty planes at a time when takings are down and are expected to plummet further.

The UK and its airlines remain tied to the EU rulebook until the end of 2020. Virgin Atlantic is among the carriers flying planes that are “almost empty” to keep takeoff and landing slots.

The European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, said she feared the

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Construction braces for virus hit

Western Australia’s construction and commercial property sectors are bracing for the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, with imports of building materials likely to be disrupted and retail activity expected to plunge in coming weeks.

A potential shortage of construction materials has been a hot topic in east coast building markets for several weeks, with widespread closures of factories in China sparking fears of a depletion in Australian stock.

While many of those concerns had been alleviated in recent days as Chinese factories reportedly begin a return to normal operations, Western Roads Federation port carriers group chairman Matthew Bronickis told Business News a slowdown of imports was likely coming to the WA construction sector.

He said it was early days still for WA because cargo vessels delivered to the eastern seaboard before coming to WA.

“[So] we are a week and a half behind the east coast,” Mr Bronickis said.


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Dallas real estate news site wants credit from the local daily, a Dallas-based real estate news site, has accused the Dallas Morning News of not giving it attribution and credit when it breaks stories.

Executive editor Joanna England posted on Facebook on Wednesday that the Fort Worth Telegram-Star and Dallas Business Journal have given it proper credit, but the Morning News has not.

England wrote, “Considering how competitive the online journalism industry is and how hard I’ve worked with Candy to build up this brand into a legit niche news powerhouse, I’m fed up with the way we’ve been treated by a company that’s supposed to be an advocate for journalism and in solidarity with journalists.”

Mike Wilson, the editor of the Dallas Morning News, said in a message that he connected with website founder Candy Evans about the issue and agreed with her.

“I looked at the story and wrote her back saying I agreed that Candy’s Dirt

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