Anxious Brits plan to invest holiday budget into home improvements

Two thirds of British consumers have advised that they will not travel abroad this summer even if Government guidelines permit.

The research revealed that just 16% would be happy to travel overseas amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with 62.7% advising they felt ‘too anxious’ to go abroad.

With 20% of respondents saving between £3,000 – £5,000 and one third  saving in excess of £8,000 due to cancelled trips abroad, Brits are now planning to invest their holiday budget into home improvements.

Stuart Dantzic, Managing Director of Caribbean Blinds, who commissioned the research, explained: “The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed how we live, work and operate in society, with mounting concern as to how and when we will be able to return to some form of normality without causing a second spike in cases. Therefore, it came as no surprise that the majority of consumers feel too anxious about travelling abroad

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Hairdressers say they are ready to open within weeks

A group representing hairdressers in the UK says politicians are taking too long to give salons permission to open.

The Hair and Barber Council, which represents 11,000 salons, estimates most of its members would be ready by mid-June.

The Department for Business has told the BBC that 4 July remains the earliest date they can open in England.

Salons have been closed since the lockdown began on 24 March.

Keith Conniford, the CEO of the Hair and Barber Council, says many salon owners want to open on June 15, alongside other non-food retail outlets.

He says: “I have spoken to a number of practitioners I know within barbering and hairdressing and resoundingly they said yes.”

The July date applies only in England – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are setting their own strategy for opening up businesses.

But Keith says if any national government in any part of the UK

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Hay Street Mall building sold for $2.9m


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Why many businesses will outsource their IT needs after COVID-19

As more and more businesses are cutting their IT budgets to manage the effects of the coronavirus, it begs the question, will remote IT support and other services be the cost-effective solution future companies opt for?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry and the majority of companies are looking to cut costs in any way they can — and for many, they are doing so with their IT solutions. This may come as a surprise to some, because of how vital IT is for businesses in the digital age. However, in-house IT departments do come at a cost — so it may develop into a trend where remote service simply proves to be a more appealing alternative.

In this post, the experts at ITRM, a specialist provider of managed IT services in London, will discuss the increasing interest in outsourced IT solutions following COVID-19 budget cuts.

Cut Costs

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International trade specialist The Last Slug launch Covid-19 export package

Business seeking to increase export and import capabilities are in line to benefit from a new offer which launches today.

The Last Slug (TLS), one of the UK’s fastest growing international trade advisors has announced expansion of its services to support businesses seeking to increase export growth during the Covid-19 crisis.

The company, founded in London 2019, already provides consultancy to some of the world’s largest food and beverage providers, and fast-moving consumer goods specialists on both import and export strategies.

TLS has a team of over 10 staff, including local country representatives in major continents to provide on-the-ground market intelligence and oversees total revenues £15million.

The new TLS Covid-19 support package will offer companies seeking to enter new markets with a free upfront consultation, including a summary of the logistics, regulatory requirements and compliance needs for enhancing global trade. The company has recently increased its headcount of special

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