New data shows knock-on debt domino effect of lockdown business failures

The business failures in key sectors since the UK locked down in March has created a domino effect of debt amounting to nearly £800m of invoices outstanding within their supply chain at the point of administration.

With an average individual debt of £28,501, the research found there are a further 227 businesses across the bars and restaurants, construction, retail, logistics and real estate sectors, which are at very high risk of failure.

Construction is the sector with the most lockdown business failures reporting 1,884, owing a total of £364m to suppliers up from £235m of insolvent debt from the same period in 2019. A further 120 companies in the construction industry are at high risk with around half of them expected to cease trading within seven days. Retail followed closely, leaving £316m of insolvent debt in the wake of the failures within the sector.

Mark Halstead, a partner at Red

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Over half of Brits happy to work from home for as long as is needed

Research carried out in April 2020 has revealed that 52% of Brits were happy to continue working from home for as long as is required.

However, over a third admitted that they were starting to feel the pressure and 6% admitted to already finding this new way of life a struggle.

Moneypenny, the outsourced communications provider, polled UK workers, who are all working from home.

In April, people were already finding it far more difficult to switch off from work, with three-quarters admitting they answer calls and emails after normal working hours.

Furthermore, 28% said they take shorter lunch breaks then they usually would when in the office. 15% stated that they don’t take any lunch breaks at all.

The research also highlighted that 72% of those people who work from home have experienced a day where they did not speak to any colleagues. Of those, almost a

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Musk promises $25,000 Tesla – Talking Biz News

Elon Musk says Tesla is working on a model that will cost just $25,000.

Roberto Baldwin from Car and Driver reported:

  • Elon Musk and Tesla powertrain and energy engineering leader Drew Baglino held the Tesla 2020 Battery Day announcements as an outdoor presentation, with the audience sitting in Tesla cars and honking horns to show approval.

  • Musk described a much more efficient way of making batteries on a much larger scale that will cut the cost per kilowatt-hour in half, while also talking up a new method of designing the cars so the battery is part of the structure.

  • Musk promised a “compelling” $25,000 car within three years and also said he believes internal-combustion cars will soon go the way of the steam engine.

The Wall Street Journal’s Tim Higgins and Heather Somerville wrote:

The electric-car maker’s chief executive said Tuesday he was targeting eventual annual production of

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The best tools for competitor research in the UK

Today, webmasters need to do everything possible to keep up with the competitors. Ideally, they should do everything possible to beat them.

This, of course, is impossible without knowing the following essential things:

  1. Who your competitors actually are.
  2. Where exactly they are getting all their traffic from.
  3. What techniques they use and which of them you can use in your own campaign.
  4. What your competitors changed to rank higher (if they succeed).

Nearly all SEO Tools on the market have competitors analysis modules aimed at helping a user find the right answers to these questions. We’re going to analyze some of the most promising competitors research tools on the market offered by SE Ranking, SEMrush, and Moz, describe how they work, and identify the pros & cons of each of these platforms.

1. Competitor Research By SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market,

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